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Elizabeth Warren Called Out Mike Bloomberg's Treatment of Women at the Latest Democratic Debate

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) came out hot for the latest Democratic debate, held on February 19 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her first target? Billionaire and former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg, who took the debate stage for the first time since entering the 2020 presidential race. Warren set the tone within the debate’s first minutes,…

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For Latinas, the Super Bowl 2020 Was A Night Of Triumph—And Debate

But for Veralucia Mendoza, a 26-year-old university employee in Toledo, who is Afro-Latina and was formerly an undocumented immigrant, the supposed show of representation was a let down. “I’m disappointed that Latinxs choose to ignore the call for boycotts by Black activists,” she says, pointing out that the show didn’t include a single Afro-Latinx performer.…

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Four Seasoned Journalists Will Moderate Tonight's Presidential Debate. They Happen to Be Women.

The four jouranlists are some of the most practiced reporters and commentators on television. Between them, Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, Ashley Parker, and Kristen Welker have covered Congress, the White House, presidential races, and the State Department. (Mitchell has herself reported on all four of those beats.) Each is so seasoned she seems to have…

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No One Asked About Abortion at the Third Democratic Debate. With Kirsten Gillibrand Out of the Race, No One Brought It Up, Either

It has become an almost tragic joke. Another marathon television event with hours of talk about healthcare, but no mention of abortion, birth control, Title X, or President Donald Trump’s crusade against Planned Parenthood. Last night, ABC News held the third 2020 debate Houston. It was also the third presidential debate ever to include more…

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