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The new Portuguese/French/Brazilian co-production “Diamantino” could technically be described as a political satire but anyone going into it expecting the hard-edged humor of a “Dr. Strangelove” or “Wag the Dog” will soon realize that it’s not quite like those earlier works—probably around the time that the gigantic fluffy puppy dogs first make an appearance. Instead, it…

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The Proposal

“The Proposal” reckons with how deeply one can love an artist and their work—next to blood pumping romance, it’s just about the most intense relationship a human being can have with something, whether it’s with a filmography, a discography, or collection of art. Director and artist Jill Magid, for example, deeply loves the creations of…

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Cannes 2019: Palme des Whiskers

Headline in the New Cat Times: “Cannes Film Festival Bans Feline Actors!” “Eek, how did I not see this before we got on the plane?” squeals Siamese beauty Nico, stretched out on her seat on Air Felix. “You were too busy preening in the mirror,” says her housemate Chubbs. “Well, your scruffy striped coat could…

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The Perfection

At first, “The Perfection” seems like is going to be an “All About Eve“-type story, with the sexual complications of “Black Swan,” and the pressures of “Whiplash,” until it careens into David Cronenberg body-horror, obliterating any expectation that you know where things are headed. Not knowing where anything is going is the primary fun of…

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Running with Beto

“Running With Beto” is a fly-on-the-wall documentary following Beto O’Rourke’s highly publicized, richly funded effort last year to unseat incumbent U.S. Senator Ted Cruz from the Republican stronghold of Texas. He didn’t win, but he came awfully close, and he shook up the complacent notion that Texas is inevitably a red state. The former El…

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