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A strong sense of style and a promising premise are undone in a film that never quite figures out how to write itself out of its corner. Heavily inspired by the Dexter books by Jeff Lindsay (adapted into the Showtime hit series with Michael C. Hall) and bowing at the altar of Brian De Palma in…

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There is an inherent level of tonal ambiguity baked into the home invasion thriller-cum-comedy “Villains,” the third feature collaboration of the filmmaking duo Dan Berk and Robert Olsen. Also serving as the co-scribes of a story that tiptoes around notes both absurd and unsettling, Berk and Olsen manage to milk that uncertainty for all it’s…

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It’s hard to judge a drama that’s as ambitious and personal as “Loro,” an Italian character study about Silvio Berlusconi, given that it’s missing a little more than an hour of footage. “Loro” was originally a two-part, 3.5-hour drama written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino (“The Young Pope,” “The Great Beauty”), but has been released…

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Between Two Ferns: The Movie

“Between Two Ferns: The Movie” is one of the most amiable comedies of the year, even if it includes a joke where Zach Galifianakis asks a question out loud about Benedict Cumberbatch’s unusual mug—right to the Oscar-nominated actor’s face. A question like that is in such poor taste that it’s ridiculous, and that’s exactly why…

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Corporate Animals

Patrick Brice’s “Corporate Animals” is one of those comedies that never moves beyond its premise. It starts and ends with a company retreat that goes horribly awry. The only difference from the start of the movie to its credits is that this motley crew of misfits learns to stand up to their nightmare boss. So,…

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Downton Abbey

The star rating at the top of this review is not for people who don’t like “Downton Abbey,” have never seen it, or grew tired of watching it long before it finished its six-season run. Those viewers will consider this a two-star or one-star or no star movie. The rating is for die-hards who will comprise the majority…

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