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Ebertfest 2018 Guests: Critical Mass

Roger was a film critic at the Chicago Sun-Times for almost 46 years. So it stands to reason that film critics would be an important element at Ebertfest. For the 20th anniversary, I have invited what I am calling a Critical Mass, a large number of film critics, not only from, but from other…

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Short Films in Focus: "Sister Hearts"

When Maryam Henderson-Uloho got out of prison, she could not get a driver’s license, a bank account, a credit card or anything else she needed to start her life over again. After being institutionalized for 13 years, Henderson-Uloho has found a way to start over and help others who are in the same situation. As…

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#326 April 17, 2018

Matt writes: The 20th anniversary of Ebertfest will kick off tomorrow, April 18th, and run through Sunday, April 22nd, at the Virginia Theatre in Champaign, Illinois. Andrew Davis’ classic edge-of-your-seat thriller, “The Fugitive,” will open the festival, which features other beloved titles including “American Splendor” and “The Big Lebowski,” as well as such trailblazing filmmakers…

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R. Lee Ermey: 1944-2018

Acting is easy, as James Spader once said, but presence is not. R. Lee Ermey had presence, and he could play it in different ways, in dramatically different figures of authority, even though it was a variation of that same Marine Drill Sergeant’s yell that made him an instant star in “Full Metal Jacket.” Ermey’s…

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