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The Wound

“The Wound” is set in a remote rural community in South Africa, and is centered on a cultural ritual that will no doubt strike most outsiders as being barbaric. At the same time, however, it is also a film that deals with issues of masculinity, sexuality and community that will strike universal chords with viewers…

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Original Flow: Danielle MacDonald and Geremy Jasper on "Patti Cake$"

Geremy Jasper wrote and directed “Patti Cake$,” the story of a New Jersey white girl who dreams of being a rapper.  Australian actor Danielle MacDonald is heartbreaking, hilarious, and fearless as Patti, who performs under the name “Killer P.” In an interview with, Jasper and MacDonald talked about Jasper’s New Jersey roots, role-playing in…

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The Running Men: Benny & Joshua Safdie on "Good Time"

The story behind “Good Time” goes that actor Robert Pattinson saw a still from “Heaven Knows What,” the 2015 film by fraternal director duo of Benny Safdie & Joshua Safdie, and knew that he had to work with them. The project that came from this possibly fatalistic proclamation is no mere star vehicle to appease…

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Pens to Lens 2017: Flowerboys, Werebananas and Opposite Day

The following article begins our two-part coverage of this year’s Pens to Lens Gala in Champaign-Urbana. For the fifth year in a row, students ranging from kindergarten age to twelfth grade submitted their own scripts to the Pens to Lens Screenwriting Competition. Sixteen of the scripts were selected by directors from Champaign Movie Makers to be…

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