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It Just Takes Common Sense: Dr. Marty Goldstein on The Dog Doc

It’s been nearly a decade since director Cindy Meehl made her debut feature “Buck,” a stirring documentary on the real-life horse whisperer Buck Brannaman and his unconventional way of training horses with respect and compassion. Now with the equally emotional “The Dog Doc,” currently available to rent on Amazon Video, she turns her intimate lens…

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Oliver Sacks: His Own Life, 25 Prospect Street Among Highlights at the 12th Annual ReelAbilities Film Festival

Of all the statements I’ve read regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, few have moved me as deeply as the anonymous one recently paraphrased by West Belfast community worker Tommy Holland in a video from Ireland’s Upper Springfield community response team. He said that we shouldn’t view the empty streets out our windows as a sign of the…

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This Incredible, Unusual, Really Unique Sort of Hook; Writer/Director George Nolfi on The Banker

“The Banker” sounded like it was going to be 2019’s “Hidden Figures.” Two “Avengers” stars played real-life black men who became wealthy real estate investors with vast properties by telling their white construction worker what to say so that he could pretend to be the president of their company.  But controversy unrelated to the quality of…

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Krzystof Penderecki: 1933-2020

Dębica, Poland sits only a few hours from the Ukrainian border, which meant it was in a precarious position in the early 1930s. When the Germans invaded, some of the sizable Jewish population fled for the Soviet controlled territories rather than wait for the Nazi rule to reshape the town. Many stayed behind and had…

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