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On the Rocks

First things first: this movie needed another half hour. There’s no other way to explain the peculiar absence with which it leaves you. More time would make this soufflé of a movie even richer. But, if you can look beyond the 90-minute runtime depriving this movie of a more satisfying conclusion, there is not simply “a…

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Her quirky stories and eccentric humor might suggest otherwise at first glance, but there is always profoundly heavy stuff at the heart of Miranda July’s work. Our cavernous hunger for meaningful connections lies beneath the quirky indie guise of the rapturously funny “Me and You and Everyone We Know.” Existential notes on yearning for purpose…

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On Playing Sports Games in a World without Sports

Most of the games we write about at could be called “cinematic.” The idea has always been to examine where the art forms we cover more like film and television intersect with the world of gaming, one that has had a great influence over cinema and vice versa. However, some of the most popular gaming…

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Agents of Chaos

There’s very little that’s surprising in Alex Gibney’s compulsively watchable election hack documentary “Agents of Chaos,” and that’s a feature, not a bug. The sense of foreign meddling in American affairs doesn’t need to be all that secret or covert, in part because it’s not all that clever. It can be as direct as Trump…

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