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Mr. Inbetween is Smart but Familiar Dark Comedy

With HBO’s “Barry” winning acclaim and awards (including Emmys for Bill Hader and Henry Winkler), is there really space for another show about an enforcer who also just happens to be an average guy? I have to admit that the premise of FX’s “Mr. Inbetween,” an Aussie import premiering tonight on the cable network, produced…

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10 Shows to Watch This Fall

For almost two decades now, I’ve used this time of year to pick out the best of the new offerings from the broadcast networks, adhering to the tradition of the standard “Fall Preview” that one would find in magazines like Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide. Part of it was being old-fashioned, but another part was…

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A Happening of Monumental Proportions

Judy Greer assembled a monumental cast for her directing debut, “A Happening of Monumental Proportions.” Then she stranded her fellow actors with material that doesn’t even begin to tap into their talents. Common, Storm Reid, Anders Holm, Jennifer Garner, John Cho, Kumail Nanjiani, Rob Riggle, Katie Holmes, Allison Janney and Bradley Whitford (although never at…

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The Song of Sway Lake

This movie is suffused with golden and near-emerald hues, from its very beginning. There’s an idyllic skinny-dipping scene, set, the viewer will infer, in Sway Lake. And the beauty of the bodies, a male and a female, and the quality of the sunlight coming through the green but hardly sickly water is intoxicating indeed. “The Song…

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Assassination Nation

In Sam Levinson’s needlessly self-serious “Assassination Nation,” a gruesome, modern-day spin on the 17th century Salem witch trials by way of Mean-Girls-Gone-Wild, the central character Lily is an 18-year-old, opinionated high-school senior with a zero-f*cks-given attitude. She wears “Fatal Attraction” socks for kicks and sports kiddies’ arm floats at the pool for no apparent reason. Her…

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Jane Fonda in Five Acts

Jane Fonda keeps coming back to a photograph of her family at a picnic when she was a little girl. It was taken before her mother committed suicide, before her movie star father, Henry Fonda, remarried and sent her off to boarding school, before her days as a sex kitten married to Roger Vadim and…

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