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Alberta proposes new legislation to join B.C.'s lawsuit against opioid companies

Alberta’s health ministry is introducing the Opioid Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act, a new piece of legislation that would allow the province to participate in a national class action lawsuit against more than 40 opioid companies.  “It would demonstrate to the defendants that Alberta has the tools in place to pursue litigation if necessary.…

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Street checks continue to decline in Edmonton

Edmonton police Chief Dale McFee says the service will look into whether officers are avoiding street checks out of fear of public backlash and accusations of racism.  In the first half of 2019, Edmonton police officers randomly stopped, questioned and documented 3,972 people who were not suspected of a crime. That’s down from 6,104 street…

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Alberta government shortens Class 5 road tests

The Alberta government is shortening Class 5 basic road tests to 30 minutes from 45, in a bid to test 5,000 more drivers each month and reduce wait times.  The shorter tests, which will begin in January, will not affect the on-road portion of the test which will remain at 25 minutes, but limit pre-test introductions and post-test debrief to five minutes total, the government said…

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Auditor general uncovers more troubling financial irregularities at Alberta Energy Regulator

The former head of the Alberta Energy Regulator, Jim Ellis, knowingly broke provincial compensation law by handing cash bonuses of $21,000 to two senior executives, one of several troubling financial abuses revealed by the auditor general in his latest report. In a report released Thursday, Auditor General Doug Wylie confirmed — as first reported by CBC…

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