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'Riverdale' Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: Betty's Brother Is Here…and He's Creepy as Hell

Riverdale is back, my friends, and it’s appropriately bonkers. Did you expect anything less? Here’s how this high-key show rung in the new year: It wouldn’t be Riverdale without Jughead opening the episode with an obnoxious voiceover, right? He’s clacking away—beanie in full force—about all the nonsense that went down before the holidays. The Black…

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Serena Williams' Childbirth Experience Should Be a Wake-up Call About the Medical Treatment Black Women Are Getting

When I read about Serena Williams’ experience giving birth to her daughter in this month’s Vogue, a sense of familiarity washed over me. As an ob-gyn, I’ve cared for many women who have had complex pregnancies and deliveries. I’ve performed emergency C-sections and treated postpartum complications, like the blood clots she experienced. As a mother,…

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U.K. names minister to tackle 'silent epidemic' of loneliness

British Prime Minister Theresa May has given one of her cabinet ministers the task of coming up with a national strategy to combat loneliness in the U.K. Minister of Sport Tracey Crouch will carry on the work started by Labour MP Jo Cox before she was killed in June 2016 outside her constituency office by a right-wing extremist.…

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L'Oréal Model Amena Khan Is the First to Wear a Hijab in a Mainstream Hair Ad

From banning Photoshop to casting diverse faces and launching inclusive shade ranges, beauty brands are shifting the way they speak to shoppers. They’re finally trying to speak to all of us. While some folks have questioned the motivation behind the diversification of beauty campaigns—especially after brands tried capitalizing on the success of what’s being called…

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