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As a Germaphobe, I Thought I’d Be Prepared for a Pandemic

Panic-buying cases of Clorox wipes and washing your hands until they crack is something most people have only recently become acquainted with, thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. Welcome to my world. I live with something called mysophobia. It’s essentially a fear of germs—an extreme fear. I see germs everywhere. When I take the bus, for…

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36 Best Feel-Good Movies to Keep Your Spirits Up

The best feel-good movies should leave you refreshed and full of joy. And that’s exactly what we all need at this time—when any additional negativity beyond, you know, worrying about your health is just too much to take on. The world is in chaos, we can’t go outside, and there enough eggs at the grocery…

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Here’s Exactly Where to Buy Hand Sanitizer Online

Like wearing face masks in public and practicing social distancing, using hand sanitizer is another way to avoid spreading germs when you’re out and about and don’t have access to soap and water (even if it’s only a quick trip to the store). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the alcohol level in…

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Michelle Obama's New Netflix Documentary: Everything We Know So Far

Days after announcing a new weekly reading series for kids, Michelle Obama is making more news, and it’s deeply personal: a Netflix documentary about her life outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The documentary is called Becoming, named after her record-shattering memoir that she released in late 2018. According to Netflix, the film is “an intimate look…

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