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Lady Gaga’s New Beauty Line Is Already an Amazon Best-Seller

Hundreds of thousands of people spent at least part of their Monday or Tuesday on Amazon during the company’s longest-ever Prime Day sale, and while they weren’t all in the market for Lady Gaga’s new makeup line, Haus Laboratories, a pretty impressive number of shoppers were. Even surrounded by the pandemonium of record-breaking markdowns, the…

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Unwanted Sexual Attention at Work Is Down Amid #MeToo Movement, But There's a Catch

The #MeToo movement shook Hollywood, the media, and high-powered corporations across America, but questions remain about its ramifications in other industries and professional work spaces. Now, new research published in the scientific journal Plos One indicates there might be some measurable changes in the workplace as a result of #MeToo: In the group interviewed, reports…

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