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Crime Statistics Show Increase in Fort McMurray Crimes

According to the crime statistics there has been an increase in Fort McMurray crime, but the current numbers are still lower than the high seen in 2008. Fort McMurray saw a rating of 94.54 incidents per 100,000 people, and the community saw a rise in the Statistics Canada’s Crime Severity Index of over 2.5%. This…

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Temporary RV Parking Extended But Winter Service Not Available at Abram’s Landing

According to a recent municipality announcement the temporary RV parking located at Abram’s Landing will be extended to October 31 so that options for alternative transitional housing can be developed, but it is important that residents understand that Abram’s Landing does not offer winter services. There are campgrounds which are open all year long that…

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Municipal Government Issues First Rebuild Permits

The first rebuild permits have been issued by the municipal government, paving the way for the community to start recovering from the devastating wildfire, but some are critical and say that the process is taking too long. The very first person to be issued a rebuild permit, who also ironically was the first one to…

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Should the Alberta Government Ban Spear Hunting?

The Alberta government is planning on a ban against spear hunting after a video was posted online which showed a black bear being slaughtered by a spear, calling the practice unacceptable and motivating many to try and make it illegal. The video of the kill was posted to Josh Bowmar’s YouTube account, and it has…

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Housing Sales in Fort McMurray Go Up in July

In July the housing sales in Fort McMurray went up close to 50% over July of 2015 according to the recently released statistics from Fort McMurray Realtors. Last month there were 133 housing units sold on the market, and this included mobile homes, townhouses, and condominiums. In July of 2015 there were only 90 housing…

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