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Brexit stage left: Why Theresa May's run as PM ended in tears

The astonishingly cynical and astonishingly successful 19th-century French statesman Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand — foreign minister under Napoleon and prime minister under Napoleon’s arch-enemy, Louis XVIII – once described his approach as “surtout, point de zèle.” Above all, no zeal. Theresa May was nothing if not zealous. The U.K. prime minister wore zeal like a badge…

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China ramps up war of rhetoric in trade standoff with U.S.

Stepping up Beijing’s propaganda offensive in the tariffs standoff with Washington, Chinese state media on Friday accused the U.S. of seeking to “colonize global business” with moves against Huawei and other Chinese technology companies. There was no word from either side on progress toward resuming talks between the world’s two largest economies, though President Donald…

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WikiLeaks founder slapped with 18 charges under Espionage Act

In a case with significant First Amendment implications, the U.S. filed new charges Thursday against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that accuse him of violating the Espionage Act by publishing thousands of secret and classified documents, including the identities of confidential sources for American armed forces and diplomats. In an 18-count, superseding indictment, U.S. Justice Department prosecutors allege…

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