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Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world Tuesday

The latest: A day after outlining a plan to allow children to return to daycares and primary schools in May, Quebec Premier François Legault is expected to announce the hard-hit province’s framework for a gradual reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic. Legault on Monday announced a plan that would allow children in daycare ​​​​and primary school in most parts of Quebec…

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Tokyo Olympics unrealistic without vaccine, says Japanese medical association

The head of Japan’s medical association thinks it will be difficult to hold the Olympics without an effective coronavirus vaccine. “I hope vaccines and drugs will be developed as soon as possible,” Japan Medical Association President Yoshitake Yokokura said Tuesday. Japan and the International Olympic Committee agreed to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games until…

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Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world Monday

The latest:  Canada’s two largest provinces announced plans on Monday to ease restrictions put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Quebec, Premier François Legault said for the good of children, especially those with learning difficulties, the province is moving forward with a plan to begin reopening schools.  In his daily briefing Monday,…

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White House shifts approach, readies new coronavirus guidelines

The White House readied new guidelines Monday on coronavirus testing and reopening businesses as it sought to regain its footing after weeks of criticism and detours created in part by presidential sideshows. But U.S. President Donald Trump appeared reluctant to cede the spotlight, with on-off-on plans for a news conference to capture the flurry of action.…

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U.S. considers new ways of working, living as some states ease coronavirus restrictions

Georgia on Monday will start allowing residents to dine inside restaurants or watch a movie at a theatre, as more U.S. states from Minnesota to Mississippi took steps to ease coronavirus restrictions despite the warnings of health experts. Colorado, Montana and Tennessee were also set to reopen some businesses to start reviving their battered economies.…

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