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The Trick Miranda Kerr Swears By for Super Shiny Hair

Since I was little, my mom used to say, “:et your little light shine.” That just meant shine your heart, your light, into the world. I feel like no matter who you are, when you do that, you’re the most beautiful. Which women are inspiring you the most right now? My grandmother because she’s the…

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For Latinas, the Super Bowl 2020 Was A Night Of Triumph—And Debate

But for Veralucia Mendoza, a 26-year-old university employee in Toledo, who is Afro-Latina and was formerly an undocumented immigrant, the supposed show of representation was a let down. “I’m disappointed that Latinxs choose to ignore the call for boycotts by Black activists,” she says, pointing out that the show didn’t include a single Afro-Latinx performer.…

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