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Saturday Night Live Is Returning This Saturday—Remotely

Saturday Night Live is coming back this Saturday, April 11…remotely. Back in March, NBC announced that Saturday Night Live was halting production due to the coronavirus, but now it looks like all those Zoom parties and living room concerts have inspired the powers that be to bring back the sketch comedy program, even if they…

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16 Family Board Games to Play on Your Next Game Night

We may have replaced our old family board games with fancy consoles, but there are only so many Mario Kart circuits we can race before our brains begin to feel, well…like mush. Trying to entertain yourself by only reading books can nudge you further into self-isolation mode, while 1,000+ piece puzzles—although truly satisfying to complete—can…

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Night Sweats: The Best Sleepwear Brands to Keep You Dry

I’ve never been a morning person, but dragging myself out of bed has gotten harder in recent years thanks to a fun new factor: night sweats. For the blissfully unfamiliar, let me tell you: it feels incredibly unpleasant to wake up clammy with chalk-outline-at-a-murder-scene type of sweat marks on your bed sheets. Night sweats are…

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Elizabeth Warren Made A Surprise Appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ — Twitter Reactions

Elizabeth Warren may have dropped out of the presidential race, but she returned to the spotlight on March 7 for the Saturday Night Live cold open. During another coronavirus-related opening sketch, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, played by Kate McKinnon, advises her viewers that the outbreak is an “urban legend—yes, I’m using ‘urban’ as a dog…

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