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8 Signs of Infertility: Symptoms to Watch for in Women & Men

“Chemotherapy or pelvic radiation can cause rapid loss of eggs and some women may have an earlier menopause,” says Westphal. She recommends speaking with a fertility specialist prior to cancer treatment in order to discuss your fertility preservation options. (Some of these options include IVM, ovarian transposition, and ovarian tissue cryopreservation.) Signs of Infertility in…

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I Found the Most Comfortable Jeans for Women in Quarantine

Though social distancing has us farther apart than ever, people have banded together to categorically hate on jeans, and I’m here to say 1) I’m feeling very attacked right now, and 2) you’re all wrong. You’ve seen the memes and the best lougewear roundups, but the hate is happening IRL too. Coworkers have audibly gasped…

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13 Times Women In Sports Fought for Equality

Even so, glaring equality gaps persist: At the 2014 and 2018 Winter Games, men had three separate ski jump events, while women only had one. “It’s like, ‘Here, we’ll give you a little piece,’ and then, ‘Go away, leave us alone,’” Lindsey Van, a now-retired American ski jumper who helped lead the discrimination lawsuit, told…

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