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Ontario appeals Robinson treaties annuities case, but open to settlement negotiations

The Ontario government has filed a notice to appeal a landmark ruling on treaty annuities, even as it enters settlement negotiations with Ottawa and the First Nations involved in the case. ‚ÄčThe Ontario Superior Court ruled in December 2018 that annuity payments from the Robinson-Huron and Robinson-Superior treaties signed in 1850 were not frozen in time.…

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'Dark chapter in our history': federal gov't apologizes to Ahiarmiut for forced relocations

Seventy years after the federal government forcibly relocated Ahiarmuit away from their homeland, it’s apologizing to 21 survivors and their families in Arviat, Nunavut, Tuesday. Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Carolyn Bennett delivered the apology in the community, saying the forced relocations were because of a “colonial mindset” and caused “indignity, starvation and death.” “I would also like to acknowledge…

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'One of the happiest days of my life': Ahiarmiut to receive apology for forced resettlement today

Between 1949 and 1959, officials with the Canadian government forced Ahiarmiut from their homes in southwestern Nunavut to the coast of Hudson Bay and left them to fend for themselves. They were often dropped off in unfamiliar communities. With few supplies in a harsh environment, many starved to death. The Canadian government will formally apologize…

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Chisasibi radio celebrates 35 years of connecting Cree

A Cree radio station based in Quebec wrapped up a year-long, 35th anniversary party with a feast and a dance on Monday. “I love it so much,” said Chisasibi CHFG host Gordon Neacappo, who has been on the air at the station for most of the last 36 years. “Through radio, I’ve met so many people … not only…

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'Changing lives through law' goal of new outreach program for Indigenous youth in Thunder Bay

A Canadian charity, Level, is launching an education and mentorship program at a Thunder Bay elementary school to help children, between the ages of 11 and 14, learn more about the justice system, and maybe even consider a career in law. The mission of the national organization is to drive change by disrupting prejudice, building empathy and…

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Cornwallis committee now independent from municipality

The advisory committee tasked with looking into the commemoration of Edward Cornwallis and Indigenous history has morphed into an arm’s length joint task force and it could take years to see final recommendations. The Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs will now share the costs and host half of the meetings. The change was approved by…

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