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RCMP investigating after fire destroys wigwam at Manitoba anti-pipeline camp

A torched traditional house and belongings at an anti-pipeline camp located near farmers fields in southern Manitoba is being investigated as arson, according to RCMP. Some camp supporters and observers on social media are calling on police to investigate it as a hate crime. “It felt like my whole world was gone,” said Geraldine McManus, a Dakota two-spirit person who has…

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How a January meeting laid groundwork for Indigenous Services' response to COVID-19

On Jan. 28, weeks before the World Health Organization would declare COVID-19 a pandemic, a nascent federal network for First Nations emergency management met in Ottawa and began discussing how to respond to the threat posed by novel coronavirus to Indigenous communities.  “It was very good timing for us to be able to start to gather the international…

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Indigenous artists explore kinship at 5th edition of the Contemporary Native Art Biennial

Intergenerational relationships. Friendships. Mentorships. Kinships. These are some of the themes Indigenous artists are exploring, recognizing and appreciating in the fifth edition of the Contemporary Native Art Biennial (Biennale d’art contemporain autochtone — BACA) in Montreal​​​​​. BACA is aimed at supporting contemporary Indigenous art through exhibitions every two years. This year’s edition is called Kahwatsiretátie: Teionkwariwaienna Tekariwaiennawahkòntie/ Honouring Kinship and…

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