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Federal government announces new rules on airline passenger protection, compensation

The federal government is rolling out its air passenger protection regulations on the eve of the summer travel season setting out what compensation airlines must pay for failing to provide adequate services to passengers. The new regulations announced Friday will be launched in two phases. Some regulations come into force on July 15, while others will not…

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FAA chief upbeat about prospects for Boeing 737 Max's return

After an all-day meeting with global aviation regulators, the chief of the Federal Aviation Administration sounded more upbeat than ever about prospects for clearing the troubled Boeing 737 Max to fly again. Aviation officials from more 30 countries met with the FAA to hear the U.S. regulator’s approach to reviewing changes that Boeing is making…

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Restrictions on alcohol in sugary drinks take effect across Canada

New regulations restricting the amount of alcohol allowed in potent, sugary, premixed drinks take effect Thursday across Canada.  Until now, a 568-millilitre can of what Health Canada calls a “flavoured purified alcoholic beverage” could contain up to 11.9 per cent alcohol, the equivalent of about four standard alcoholic drinks, or portions, such as four regular beers or four five-ounce glasses…

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