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As final Zellers stores close, former employees swap memories, memorabilia

Zellers is pulling the plug on its final two stores in Ontario this month, but Richard Hall doesn’t want it to die. He’s rounded up a museum-worthy haul of Zellers memorabilia in his dining room, spilling into his kitchen. There’s flashy branded buttons, bathroom key chains, even a fire extinguisher from one of the doomed department stores.  His wife calls it…

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Boeing's safety vs. cost-control culture may be what sent a fatal aircraft into the skies

Internal messages and emails from Boeing paint a picture of a profit-focused management culture at the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, where pressure for short-term shareholder returns seems to have overwhelmed safety concerns. The revelations are just the latest in a parade of evidence pointing to the decade-long civil-war inside Boeing, pitting its famed “safety culture”…

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Public servant who promoted $225M baby formula plant now sits on Chinese investor's board

The former head of the Canadian Dairy Commission who facilitated a $225-million investment by a Chinese dairy processor to build an infant formula plant in Kingston, Ont. is now serving on that same Chinese corporation’s board. In keeping with the “cooling-off” period required by federal law, Jacques Laforge waited a year before accepting this paid role. But…

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