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How car dealerships upsell you: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet

Miss something this week? Here’s the consumer news you need to know from CBC’s Marketplace. Get this in your inbox every Friday. Sign up here. What got out in the Equifax hack?  A massive cybersecurity breach may have exposed the personal information of about 100,000 Canadians. That includes names, addresses, social insurance numbers and credit card numbers. Canadian class action lawsuits have already…

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Airlines rev up to offer discount airfares — but don't be blinded by the price, say experts

Canadian airlines are lining up to offer the latest trend in air travel: cheap, no-frills fares.  But passengers should be careful what they wish for. That’s because some may find the discount fares so stripped down, they’re just not worth it. “Anything you want in terms of comfort, convenience and flexibility, you can bet you’re going…

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Q&A: How to avoid car dealerships pushing maintenance you don't need

An undercover Marketplace investigation exposed evidence some dealerships sell unnecessary service and push regular maintenance much sooner than the manufacturer recommends. Following the report, Marketplace host David Common and expert mechanic Mark Whinton participated in a Facebook Live, answering questions from viewers about their vehicles and how to determine what needs doing when at the…

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