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New centre aims to capture CO2 and monetize the emissions

The goal of a new laboratory on the outskirts of Calgary is to not only capture harmful greenhouse gas emissions, but find a way to make money from the carbon dioxide. The $20-million centre will be a testing ground for leading edge technologies to turn carbon dioxide gases into something valuable, such as consumer goods, building…

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Amazon Echo sent family's private conversation to another user

An “unlikely” string of events prompted Amazon’s Echo personal assistant device to record a Portland, Ore., family’s private conversation and then send the recording to an acquaintance in Seattle, the company said Thursday. The woman told KIRO-TV in Seattle that two weeks ago an employee of her husband contacted them to say he thought their…

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As Trans Mountain debate rolls on, Ottawa pushes to change rules for big projects

Far from the din of protest over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, legislation that could fundamentally change the future of Canadian energy development is taking shape in Ottawa. Bill C-69, unveiled in February, is headed back to the House of Commons after passing through the committee process, where debate heated up this week as opposition MPs argued the…

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