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Camila Cabello Filmed Her Mom Cutting Her Hair

We’re at that point in self isolation where people are starting to make hasty decisions about their hair. In the case of Camila Cabello, that means asking your mom to cut your overgrown bangs. When you’re a famous pop star, you then document the entire process for all of your fans, of course—which is exactly…

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Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Confirm They're Social Distancing Together During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In case you were wondering how Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were spending time during the coronavirus outbreak, they’re social distancing together. On Friday, March 20, The couple took to Instagram Live to perform for fans, joining the ranks of John Legend, Chris Martin, and Mandy Moore—all of whom have put on virtual shows to…

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Camila Morrone Addresses the 23-Year Age Gap With Boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio

Camila Morrone is getting serious acclaim for her breakout role in the independent film Mickey and the Bear—her performance has even led people to compare her to Jennifer Lawrence. It has also helped shift Hollywood’s gross reduction of her as simply “Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend,” although there’s been new attention applied to their relationship, specifically their…

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Camila Cabello Stole a Pencil From Kensington Palace on a Dare

Camila Cabello recently took a trip across the pond for an event at Kensington Palace, hosted by none other than Kate Middleton and Prince William themselves. The singer was there to celebrate the finalists of BBC Radio’s Teen Awards, which shine “a light on some of the UK’s most inspirational teens” according to the royals’…

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