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We Can't Believe We Have to Say This, But Please Do Not Drink Bleach to ‘Clean Out’ Coronavirus

Injecting a disinfectant like bleach into your lungs—is it: A. a cool quarantine activity to test out? Or B. a poisonous idea that will lead to hospitalization and perhaps death? Doctors, scientists, disinfectant companies, and every person with lungs (except the President of the United States) agrees. The answer is B. During a briefing on…

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With the Coronavirus Keeping Millions at Home, Uber Is Giving Free Rides to Help Survivors of Domestic Violence Flee to Safety

During a worldwide pandemic, the safest place to be is home. But for people enduring domestic violence, home is never safe. The coronavirus pandemic—and the stay-at-home orders, social distancing measures, and quarantining that have been instituted in an attempt to keep the disease at bay—have the unintended side effect of trapping domestic violence survivors with…

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