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The Brutal Reality of Getting an Abortion During a Pandemic

Many states, such as Texas, require women to make two trips to a clinic to access medication abortion. “These restrictions are medically unnecessary all the time, but now put patients and providers at risk unnecessarily through additional and medically unnecessary face-to-face contact,” says Smith. That’s become another claim states are using in their fight to…

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Guilty Pleasure? In the Middle of a Pandemic, Can't We Retire the Term for Good?

Romance novels, associated with women, are derided as formulaic and predictable—the ultimate guilty pleasure. Mysteries and thrillers have a set structure, too, but remain popular with men so those are spared the designation. Soap operas and dating shows are coded female, so those are worthless; professional wrestling, although sometimes just as scripted, reads as male.…

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Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Confirm They're Social Distancing Together During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In case you were wondering how Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were spending time during the coronavirus outbreak, they’re social distancing together. On Friday, March 20, The couple took to Instagram Live to perform for fans, joining the ranks of John Legend, Chris Martin, and Mandy Moore—all of whom have put on virtual shows to…

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