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Guilty Pleasure? In the Middle of a Pandemic, Can't We Retire the Term for Good?

Romance novels, associated with women, are derided as formulaic and predictable—the ultimate guilty pleasure. Mysteries and thrillers have a set structure, too, but remain popular with men so those are spared the designation. Soap operas and dating shows are coded female, so those are worthless; professional wrestling, although sometimes just as scripted, reads as male.…

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It's Time to Retire the 'Hairstreak Asian' Trope

It’s no secret that Asians get short shrift in Hollywood. Up until quite recently, any Asian character who didn’t do kung-fu, play a nerd, or wear a kimono felt like a win. But even with the progress that’s brought more nuanced, realistic Asian representation on-screen, there are still seedy stereotypes making their way into films,…

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