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We Can't Believe We Have to Say This, But Please Do Not Drink Bleach to ‘Clean Out’ Coronavirus

Injecting a disinfectant like bleach into your lungs—is it: A. a cool quarantine activity to test out? Or B. a poisonous idea that will lead to hospitalization and perhaps death? Doctors, scientists, disinfectant companies, and every person with lungs (except the President of the United States) agrees. The answer is B. During a briefing on…

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My Obsession for Feather Fashion Clothing Can't Be Tamed

Whether a feather accent or a full-on look, their ideas resonate with me deeply—especially now that I’m confined to my 500 square-foot New York City apartment. I consider my everyday style as simple, but with a strong eye for accessories and texture, and I felt myself losing that in the early days of our collective…

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Guilty Pleasure? In the Middle of a Pandemic, Can't We Retire the Term for Good?

Romance novels, associated with women, are derided as formulaic and predictable—the ultimate guilty pleasure. Mysteries and thrillers have a set structure, too, but remain popular with men so those are spared the designation. Soap operas and dating shows are coded female, so those are worthless; professional wrestling, although sometimes just as scripted, reads as male.…

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All the Golden Globes 2020 Red Carpet Looks You Can't Miss

The holidays are officially over, but fear not, awards season officially kicks off with tonight’s Golden Globes 2020 red carpet. Often referred to as the most fun awards show—and the only one where attendees can actually drink—celebrities tend to have a little more fun with their looks as opposed to ceremonies later in the season.…

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