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No, Peter Weber's Mom Isn't Responsible For His ‘Bachelor’ Breakup from Madison Prewett

Peter Weber doesn’t blame Barb for the end of his relationship. Just three days after declaring their love for one another on The Bachelor finale, Peter Weber and Madison Prewett announced their split. In those three days, a lot was said about Weber’s mother, Babara, who clearly didn’t approve of Prewett (that’s an understatement). However,…

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Sophia Bush Isn't Afraid to Speak Truth to Power

This article is part of a series profiling the inspiring women of Together Live, a band of all-female storytellers who will travel across the U.S. this fall, spreading love, laughter, and hope. In 10 cities, big and small, the intimate one-night-only events serve as a reminder that no matter what divides us, women are strongest…

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Calm Down Everyone, Kylie Jenner Isn't Pregnant

Sorry, everyone: We won’t be seeing an over-the-top Kylie Jenner baby shower any time soon. Although some people thought they heard Jenner saying, “I’m pregnant!” in a viral video from her sister Khloé Kardashian’s birthday party, several sources have confirmed that the reality show star is not planning to add more little ones to her…

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