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26 Party Shoes Under $50 You’ll Wear All Season Long

Whenever holiday season starts approaching, I like to get in the festive mood by slipping on a new pair of sparkly pumps. The right shoes can give your go-to party outfits—from LBDs to slick suits—a fresh spin. And knowing you’ll be hitting the social circuit for weeks on end, it’s as good a time as…

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House of Cards' Final Season Is About Women Gaining Power—at the Expense of Other Women

Corruption runs so deep on House of Cards that its major characters can, at times, seem comically evil. It takes an honest, kind, and unpretentious character to remind the viewer how genuinely frightening it must be to work alongside power-obsessed politicians. In the sixth—and final—season, now on Netflix, that character is Kelsey Stewart, a White House tour…

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Why Is 'Riverdale' So Thirsty This Season?

We’re a few episodes into Riverdale‘s third season, and it’s appropriately bonkers. Betty’s mom is knee-deep in some bizarre cult called The Farm, Archie’s sweating it out in juvie, and a creepy game called Gryphons and Gargoyles is literally killing high schoolers. But the most baffling plot point on the show right now has nothing…

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