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Twitter Is Having a Blast Comparing the *Bachelorette* Contestants to Celebrities

The contestants on The Bachelorette this season are really…something. There’s Jordan, the “male model” who prides himself on his gentlemanly shoes and pensive stares. Then, we have Jean-Blanc, the “colognoisseur” who’s actually shaping up to be pretty solid so far. Of course, there’s Garrett and his Instagram drama and Connor and his picture-throwing drama—not to…

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How Celebrities Celebrated Memorial Day Weekend 2018

There’s nothing more glorious than a three-day weekend, especially when it’s Memorial Day, and summer is at its best: It’s just soon enough after spring that you’re still motivated to plan actual activities but not so hot out that your skin immediately melts into the sidewalk. And let’s be real—we can all use a break…

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