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Here's How Celebrities, Athletes, and Regular People Are Giving Back During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Across the globe, people are grappling with the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Deaths due to the coronavirus have soared in Italy as hospitals try to manage high demands and lack of supplies. In the U.S., panic levels are high, with health officials advising “social distancing” and taking extra precautions to protect your health. Most major live…

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Claw Clip Hairstyles Celebrities Love – Best Claw Clips 2020

I don’t need to tell you that throwback hairstyles are having a moment. Every time you open Instagram you’re probably berated with prom-style tendrils, tiny hair clips, and oversized headbands—I know I am. But recently, there’s been a hair accessory I’ve abandoned all my sparkly pins, fancy scrunchies, and pearl-encrusted everything for: the humble claw…

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