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Unwanted Sexual Attention at Work Is Down Amid #MeToo Movement, But There's a Catch

The #MeToo movement shook Hollywood, the media, and high-powered corporations across America, but questions remain about its ramifications in other industries and professional work spaces. Now, new research published in the scientific journal Plos One indicates there might be some measurable changes in the workplace as a result of #MeToo: In the group interviewed, reports…

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Pamela Anderson Says #MeToo 'Paralyzes Men,' Thinks 'Feminism Is A Bore'

Another woman has come forward to denounce the #MeToo movement: Former “Playmate” Pamela Anderson. In an interview with 60 Minutes Australia on Sunday, Anderson spoke openly about everything from her history-making work with Playboy, to her relationship with WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange—but it was her candid, controversial thoughts on modern feminism and the #MeToo movement…

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This Is What It's Like to Be a #MeToo Candidate

In an election year that’s seen a historic number of women run (and win their primaries), we’ve also seen public displays of sexism and harassment play out on the political stage. Ahead of the highly-anticipated midterm elections, Glamour spoke with some of the women candidates who have experienced insulting (and sometimes scary and threatening) comments…

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A Year Later, Is the #MeToo Movement Stuck in Hollywood?

Sandra Diaz wasn’t expecting to find the courage to come forward with her story of sexual assault. But, over the years, as she watched security officers, janitors and airport workers coming together to protest against the sexual misconduct they often face on the job, everything seemed to change. These women were members of the labor…

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