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Brett Kavanaugh's Name Is Now Being Used As A Resource For Sexual Assault Survivors

Brett Kavanaugh’s controversial ascent to the Supreme Court has been difficult for many women, particularly those who have endured sexual assault. But any survivors who are struggling in the wake of the confirmation now have one new and unexpected resource to turn to: According to reports, the website launched the same day Kavanaugh was…

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The Brett Kavanaugh Hearings Could Change Sexual Assault Reporting—but How?

Christine Blasey Ford’s decision to publicly accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault irrevocably changed her life. If her claims, which the judge adamantly denies, help keep him off the bench, her decision may also change the course of American history. America was watching when the California college professor testified about Kavanaugh before…

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Watch Sexual Assault Survivors Confront Sen. Jeff Flake After He Confirms Kavanaugh Vote

Sexual assault survivors confronted Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and shared their experiences of abuse on Capitol Hill Friday morning, just moments after he announced his plans to back Judge Brett Kavanaugh in Friday’s Senate Judiciary Committee vote. The Committee’s vote to move Kavanaugh’s nomination forward was scheduled less than 24 hours after the country heard…

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