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'The Bachelorette' Season 14 Episode 4 Recap: The Problem With This Season

Unless you’re actually invested in this David vs. Jordan drama, the real Bachelor Nation developments are currently happening offscreen: Ashley and Jared are actually engaged, Twitter is locked in a battle over who this season’s contestants look like, and Raven blocked Bekah on Twitter. And then you have the Garrett and Lincoln controversies—about a problematic…

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The Problem With Privilege and Fighting for Equal Pay

Conversations around equal pay are blaring, largely thanks to the dozens of famous women calling out their male counterparts for getting bigger paychecks. This is, obviously, a very good thing. But for all the merit these declarations warrant — and all the echoing cries of “hell yes! Empowering!” — the dialogue is also tinged with…

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Reports: Capitol Hill Has a Huge Sexual Harassment Problem Too

America is currently grappling with a seemingly never-ending flood of reports, allegations, and #MeToo accounts documenting just how pervasive sexual harassment and assault is in numerous industries. As it turns out, Congress is apparently no exception to this type of predatory behavior—and a new report from The New York Times details just how bad it…

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'The Big Bang Theory' Season 11 Episode 5 Recap: The Problem With Sheldon in 'The Collaboration Contamination'

Good luck getting Sheldon Cooper to solve this problem: At what point in this season of The Big Bang Theory did Sheldon turn into someone almost completely unrecognizable from the man he’s become over the last few years? On tonight’s episode, Sheldon seemed to fall deeper into self-absorbed territory by becoming territorial over his fiancé’s…

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Does Mainstream Porn Have an Age Problem?

Angie Rowntree was looking for aspiring porn stars for her next feature film. Specifically, she was looking for a couple. Even more specifically, a couple over the age of 50. The founder of, one of the Internet’s longest-running porn sites for women, thought that a well-made feature film about real people getting it on…

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