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Bella Thorne Opened Up About Being a Survivor of Molestation

Bella Thorne is now one of the more recent woman to step forward to open up about sexual violation. In a heartbreaking exchange on Twitter on Friday, she opened up about experiencing sexual molestation as a child. The conversation was prompted in a beyond inappropriate way, with a Twitter user callously joking about molestation and…

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Bella Thorne Just Revealed Two Adorable New Tiny Tattoos

Bella Thorne is known for being adventurous and playful when it comes to her hair and to her tattoos. As for the former, we’ve seen her in a Crayola box’s range of colors: five-alarm red, platinum blonde, red orange, magenta, brown, midnight blue, jet black, bright blond, poison ivy (courtesy of last year’s Instagram trend),…

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Bella Thorne Has Neon Red Hair Now, and It's Literally Fire

Bella Thorne—actress, singer, and hair chameleon—is changing things up once again. We’ve seen her hair in a multitude of colors: platinum blond, bright red-orange, a fierce hot pink, a shiny blond, and jet black. And that’s just this year! (She’s so known for changing up her color, in fact, that she’s even asked her Twitter…

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Bella Thorne Chopped Her Hair Into a Lob

PHOTO: Instagram: @bellathorne Bella Thorne’s style is extra in the best way. See the quite literal “porn suit” she wore on the red carpet last night. (If you need more clarification or are reading this somewhere NSFW, that would be a pantsuit printed with old-school pornography clips.) And the same sensibility can be said for…

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