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24 Social Media Moments That Literally Made 2018

So much happened in 2018, and social media was there to capture all of it. From the Winter Olympics—remember, we had a whole-ass Olympics this year—to the royal wedding, “Thank U, Next,” and everything in between, it feels like all the major moments in 2018 came with a viral tweet, Instagram caption, or hashtag. Like…

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Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner Are Literally Wearing Their Post-Bachelorette Party Hangovers

Priyanka Chopra had the ultimate bachelorette party this weekend in Amsterdam, complete with delicious food, canal boat rides, and lots of champagne. In fact, bubbly and alcohol of all kinds appeared to play a fun part in Chopra’s weekend—as is the case with many bachelorette parties. The Quantico star posted a photo of herself enjoying…

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