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I Never Spend More Than $50 on My Entire Makeup Routine

One of my defining characteristics is my love for luxury, especially when it comes to beauty products. I love designer names, gorgeous packaging, and high quality. But, because I contain multitudes, I’m also very practical and love a good bargain. This shines through most clearly in my makeup collection. While I’ve got a Chanel compact…

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The Best Sexy Makeup Products

Before the days of Millennial pink packaging, free sticker sheets, and models embracing a “glowy, simple girl” aesthetic, there was another fail-safe way to bait shoppers into buying beauty: sex. The old Mad Men adage of “sex sells” might finally be waning from car commercials and cigarette ads, but if you look around makeup shelves,…

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The Best Makeup Sponges for Perfect Makeup

Every now and again, something so revolutionary comes along in the beauty world that it makes you re-think your entire getting ready process. The Beautyblender was one of them. When the makeup sponge hit the scene in 2007, it became instantly iconic for its ability to flawlessly buff and blend in foundation—and replaced the need…

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