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A Telegraph Article Called Nike's Plus-Size Mannequins 'a Lie.' Women Are Calling BS.

Earlier this week, The Telegraph published an article on Nike’s plus-size mannequins, calling them “obese,” “gargantuan,” and “a dangerous lie.” Not surprisingly, women on social media aren’t having it. The world of sports—and workout gear, for that matter—hasn’t historically been the most size-inclusive place. Thankfully, that’s changing as major brands like Nike are stepping up…

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All the Meghan Markle References in 'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding'

Rose McIver, who plays Amber Moore in Netflix’s A Christmas Prince, told Glamour this week that Meghan Markle was “certainly” an inspiration in the franchise’s sequel, aptly titled A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. Watch five minutes of the new movie—which hits Netflix today—and that’s abundantly clear. It centers on Amber’s acclamation into the Aldovian…

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