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15 Best Spring Dresses to Wear If You’re Petite

The best spring dresses are the perfect combination of trendy but timeless and elegant but comfortable, with lengths that look great on just about anyone. It used to be that certain hemlines were “off-limits” for shorter women, but take it from this 5’1″ writer: this season’s spring dress trends are more versatile and wearable than…

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If You’re Not Wearing a Monochromatic Outfit, Don’t Bother Leaving the House

A Bordeaux-colored leather pantsuit is statement-making, and with monochrome, there’s never too much of a good thing: We love the commitment to the theme with the oxblood bag. Christian Vierig Oversized cuts dress down this 2019 take on a three-piece suit; the terra-cotta color is seriously head-turning. Edward Berthelot You don’t have to keep your…

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4 Reasons You’re Bleeding After Sex

After top-notch oral sex from my top-notch partner, I was primed and ready for some intercourse. But after some vigorous penetration, I noticed I was bleeding—not quite period heavy but enough to leave three big blood splotches on my baby pink duvet cover. Dammit. My partner was (understandably) concerned with the fact that I was…

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