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21 Comebacks to ‘So Why Don’t You Have Kids Yet?’

If there’s one thing much of society is still not okay with, it’s women having a purpose in life other than motherhood. As someone who just turned 42, I have been fielding questions for years about the status of my perpetually empty uterus and listening to insistence from other moms that I’ll surely change my…

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If You’re Not Wearing a Monochromatic Outfit, Don’t Bother Leaving the House

A Bordeaux-colored leather pantsuit is statement-making, and with monochrome, there’s never too much of a good thing: We love the commitment to the theme with the oxblood bag. Christian Vierig Oversized cuts dress down this 2019 take on a three-piece suit; the terra-cotta color is seriously head-turning. Edward Berthelot You don’t have to keep your…

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If Manny Jacinto’s Cheekbones Can’t Get You to Care About Climate Change, I Don’t Know What Can

Looking like a figurehead on the prow of a ship that has been given consciousness, the Good Place star Manny Jacinto protested government inaction on climate change on Friday in Washington, D.C. The appearance of the Internet’s Newest Boyfriend in circumstances that were somehow do-gooder, subversive, and literally wet has been too much for most.…

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Why Your Hair Hurts When You Don’t Wash It

Ever notice how your hair hurts when you haven’t washed it in a few days? It’s not just you—greasy hair pain is a thing, according to dermatologists, and there’s a legit scientific reason for it. Listen, we’ve all gone a few too many days between shampoos. Even with the miracle that is dry shampoo, scheduling…

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