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I Found the Most Comfortable Jeans for Women in Quarantine

Though social distancing has us farther apart than ever, people have banded together to categorically hate on jeans, and I’m here to say 1) I’m feeling very attacked right now, and 2) you’re all wrong. You’ve seen the memes and the best lougewear roundups, but the hate is happening IRL too. Coworkers have audibly gasped…

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An Ode to Mom Jeans, the Best Jeans There Ever Were

For a few years in my early twenties, I was a Jean Expert™. I worked at American Eagle in my hometown mall and was an enthusiastic participant in the store’s mandatory denim training. Around the fall of 2008, the chain embraced the resurrection of skinny jeans, and as a wee baby hipster determined to differentiate…

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The Best High-Waist Jeans for Women 2019 | Glamour

There are two kinds of jeans that get people really riled up: low-rise jeans and high-waist jeans. There are plenty of other styles to choose from, but these are the real conversation starters—the ones that everyone has an opinion on (in the case of the low-rise and its potential comeback), and everyone definitely has a…

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