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'The Big Bang Theory' Recap Season 11 Episode 3: Sheldon and Amy Set a June Wedding

PHOTO: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Sheldon Cooper‘s descent into groomzilla-land took approximately 20 minutes before that reign came to a much-needed conclusion on tonight’s Big Bang Theory. While his obsession over the perfect date wedding date was totally in line with his personality, the need to spend almost an entire episode on it—or the meaning behind…

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For Some Wedding Parties, Bridesmen and Groomswomen Are Becoming the New Norm

As another wedding season comes to a close, maybe you noticed a trend among the ceremonies this year—a quiet, formalwear-fueled rebellion against antiquated gender norms taking place at weddings across the United States. Bridesmen, groomswomen, best women, wedding squads, and bride tribes are replacing traditionally rigid, women-on-one-side, men-on-the-other wedding parties, with a range of special…

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