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The Reason Why Sleeping Without Underwear Might Be a Great Idea

Generally there are two kinds of sleepers: pajama-wearers and naked-sleepers. Odds are, if you’re a pajama-wearer, you never sleep without underwear. You might not even think about why. But experts say sleeping without underwear can actually be a good thing for your vagina. “You really should sleep without underwear if you’re prone to vaginal issues,”…

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My Journey Into the Gig Economy: Folding Underwear, Walking Dogs, and Building Furniture

Like Athena emerging fully formed and dressed for battle from the head of Zeus, many talented women who joined the professional world during the Great Recession have faced unprecedented challenges. I’ve tried a few unconventional methods of making rent, but even I never could have anticipated the recent Thursday evening I spent folding a stranger’s…

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