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My Journey Into the Gig Economy: Folding Underwear, Walking Dogs, and Building Furniture

Like Athena emerging fully formed and dressed for battle from the head of Zeus, many talented women who joined the professional world during the Great Recession have faced unprecedented challenges. I’ve tried a few unconventional methods of making rent, but even I never could have anticipated the recent Thursday evening I spent folding a stranger’s…

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The Top Fort MacMurray Neighborhoods to Visit or Live In

There are many Fort MacMurray neighborhoods which are top choices for visitors or potential residents. These neighborhoods or districts include: Abasand Heights Beacon Hill Confederation Heights Dickinsfield Downtown Gregoire Lakewood Parsons Creek Thickwood, or Thickwood Heights Timberlea Waterways Wood Buffalo Each Fort MacMurray neighborhood offers certain residence types, amenities, real estate demographics, and other features.…

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5 Great Reasons to Relocate to Fort MacMurray

1. Local Economy-  One of the common reasons that people relocate to Fort MacMurray is the local economy. Because of the close proximity to the Athabasca oil sands and the heavy prominence of the oil industry to the economy there are usually plenty of economic opportunities that can be found in the area. 2. Natural…

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Fort MacMurray Economic Facts and Figures

The economy of Fort MacMurray depends on several things, and one of the biggest economic sectors in the region is oil production and refining because of the Athabasca oil sands close by. There are a number of oil and energy companies with plants and offices in this area. These companies include Nexen, Syncrude, Shell, CNRL,…

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