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My Journey Into the Gig Economy: Folding Underwear, Walking Dogs, and Building Furniture

Like Athena emerging fully formed and dressed for battle from the head of Zeus, many talented women who joined the professional world during the Great Recession have faced unprecedented challenges. I’ve tried a few unconventional methods of making rent, but even I never could have anticipated the recent Thursday evening I spent folding a stranger’s…

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NASA Honors 'Hidden Figures' Heroine Katherine Johnson With a Research Building Named After Her

PHOTO: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox It has been a big year for Katherine Johnson, the “human computer” who served as the brains behind NASA’s launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit. Hidden Figures, the movie based on her inspiring—though, until recently, largely unknown—career premiered in January 2017. Taraji P. Henson portrayed Johnson onscreen, and…

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