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Etsy Stores for Vintage Furniture and Home Decor In 2019

If you thought thrift shopping was hard, try vintage furniture shopping. You need to come fully prepared with dimensions, a delivery service, and a vision of how one purchase could potentially change the layout of your entire home. The same can definitely not be said for a thrifted Gunne Sax dress. Vintage furniture shopping also…

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My Journey Into the Gig Economy: Folding Underwear, Walking Dogs, and Building Furniture

Like Athena emerging fully formed and dressed for battle from the head of Zeus, many talented women who joined the professional world during the Great Recession have faced unprecedented challenges. I’ve tried a few unconventional methods of making rent, but even I never could have anticipated the recent Thursday evening I spent folding a stranger’s…

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Even Kate Middleton and Prince William Have Ikea Furniture

As any viewer of The Crown will tell you, the many homes and palaces belonging to the Windsors are already full of furniture, but understandably, not much of it is kid-friendly. That’s why Prince William and Kate Middleton got Prince George and Princess Charlotte furnishings in Kensington Palace from a much more inexpensive source: IKEA.…

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