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This Vibrator Is the Ultimate Way to Destress

Okay, back to business. The vibe fits perfectly in the palm of my hand, not too big, not too small. Very ergonomic. (I’m using my fancy words now!) When I turned it on, I could immediately tell that it was pretty strong, yet still quiet—no one wants to sound like they are getting jackhammered in…

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Face Fillers: Your Ultimate Guide to Treatments and Costs

Simon Ourian, M.D., whose Beverly Hills clinic Epione is particularly popular for injectables, counts lips as one of his most-requested treatments. He estimates the average cost at $2,900 to $4,900. “Fillers can be charged by units or by area,” he says. “In my practice, we charge by area to achieve the desired look each patient…

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Jennifer Lopez Confirms What We All Know, Says A-Rod Is the Ultimate Instagram Husband

If you’re looking to find the perfect inspiration to showcase your Instagram-official relationship, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez—masters of the art form—have some advice. The newly engaged pair have diligently documented their entire romance on Instagram, straight from the moment they went public. From vacations to events, product launches, and even their engagement, it’s all…

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Why Staycations Are the Ultimate Self-Care Splurge

Once upon a time, working from home was the dream. I would have freedom and flexibility. I could craft my schedule as I desired and be my own boss. I envisioned having a designated writing desk that overlooked a bustling cityscape, complete with never-ending French press coffee and a stack of periodicals that I actually…

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