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Hillary Clinton: ‘The Press Has Never Taken Reproductive Health Seriously’

The reality that Hillary Clinton is planning, determined and unglamourous, for the future, that Hillary Clinton is ready to hold the media accountable for dismissing women’s rights, that Hillary Clinton is advocating for newborn babies at hurricane-ravaged clinics, that Hillary Clinton is strategizing on the issue of humanitarian-worker burnout—is so confusing. Didn’t Hillary Clinton lose?…

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All the Press Tour Looks 'Crazy Rich Asians' Star Gemma Chan Has Worn to Promote Asian Designers

Gemma Chan, who plays Astrid in the hit Crazy Rich Asians movie, is having a red-carpet moment right now. It’s perhaps to be expected—Astrid is, after all, arguably Crazy Rich Asians‘ most stylish, couture-obsessed character—but Chan is using her platform in front of the cameras in a uplifting way. She’s focused many of her red-carpet…

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