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You Don't Become Lisa Vanderpump by Accident: Inside the World of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' MVP

Lisa Vanderpump is freezing. Sitting on a bench in New York’s West Village, her alopecia-stricken Pomeranian Giggy in one arm and a Pantone purple Chanel in the other, she grits her teeth against the elements. “My nose is about to fall off,” she insists to no one in particular. Then, more quietly, “Too. Cold.” Though it’s…

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Why Are We Still Watching 'The Bachelor'?

The first Monday of January comes equipped with many promises—those of eating better, those of course-correcting however you believe you went wrong in the previous year, and the fantastical promise of televised love in the sustaining form of The Bachelor. This year, on January 1—a symbolic a date as any—Bachelor Nation tuned into watch 29…

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