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11 Female Interior Designers to Support Right Now

Through our Game Changers series, we spotlight women who have found success in their respective industries—from sports and politics to beauty and fashion. And with all of us spending more time indoors now more than ever, there’s no better time to highlight the inspiring women leading interior design today. There are countless examples of passionate…

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Shop These 11 Products to Support Women-Run Nonprofits

One week into the new year and already feeling like your resolution is doomed? It’s probably time to change strategies. Because if you really want to make this year better than the last, maybe your New Year’s resolution shouldn’t be to focus on yourself. Not a new kind of diet or crazy new workout class,…

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How to Support a Friend With the Breast Cancer Gene

Each year, an estimated 330,500 women (and 2,670 men) in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer. But many more women are living with the knowledge that they are a carrier for what is commonly known as the “breast cancer gene.” Technically “breast cancer gene” refers to a mutation in one of two…

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