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Every Sunday Riley Product Is On Sale at Anthropologie

In the jam-packed beauty world, there are hundreds of great products that fly under the radar. Then, there are the ones so good they need no introduction. Sunday Riley falls into the latter category. And because of that, it’s a rare occasion when its best-selling serums and face creams go on sale. So when we…

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I Tried the Top Upvoted Curly Hair Product Routines From Reddit—Here’s What Worked (and What Didn’t)

To the casual Internet user, Reddit can seem like an endless den of threads, fandoms, and people posting pictures of cute animals. And it is—the R/Aww subreddit is often the thing that keeps me going. But on the beauty side, the site also holds the key to crowdsourced product reccs, the craziest new, under-the-radar products,…

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