Saturday Night Live Is Returning This Saturday—Remotely

Saturday Night Live is coming back this Saturday, April 11…remotely.

Back in March, NBC announced that Saturday Night Live was halting production due to the coronavirus, but now it looks like all those Zoom parties and living room concerts have inspired the powers that be to bring back the sketch comedy program, even if they have to get a little scrappy about it.

On April 9, NBC released a statement that SNL at Home, a social-distancing version of the series during it’s normal 11:30 P.M. ET time slot, is coming—complete with Weekend Update and “original content” from the writers and cast that has been “remotely-produced.” So don’t worry, everyone is still staying home and there will be no live studio audience. Who else has a feeling things are gonna get weird?

But will all this “original content” be pre-taped, taking the “Live” out of Saturday Night Live? That remains to be seen. NBC has also remained mum on any celeb cameos or hosts.

Might we recommend John Krasinski, who has been hosting the Weekend Update-esque series Some Good News on his own YouTube channel? He was even scheduled to host SNL before all this craziness began. Just saying…

Krasinski even has a knack for getting big guest stars for Some Good News. On April 5, he posted the second episode of his broadcast with the entire cast of Hamilton and his wife Emily Blunt joining in to surprise a very excited 9-year-old, Aubrey, for her birthday. Aubrey was supposed to see Hamilton when the Broadway tour came to her hometown this week, but the show was canceled for social distancing reasons. Instead, her mom tweeted, they’d be watching Mary Poppins Returns.

Krasinski and Blunt saw the tweet and invited Aubrey to a Zoom meeting for her to meet Mary Poppins, who is played by Blunt in the film, but they didn’t stop there. After Krasinski offered to fly Aubrey into NYC to see Hamilton on Broadway when this is all over, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the entire original Broadway cast entered the chat to one-up the host and perform a song from the show. You can watch the whole thing below:

[embedded content]

I personally would love to see Krasinski and Miranda face off on this weekend’s SNL, wouldn’t you?

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