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I Tried a Butt Mask and Here Are My Honest Thoughts

Since the 2016 election, some part of me has wanted to spend every day curled up in bed, obsessively reading the news and interacting with only my cat. Since the coronavirus hit Manhattan, that’s what I’ve been advised by the government to do, and I have certainly complied. My hands have never been more washed,…

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Lizzo Welcomes You to Keep Talking About Her Butt

At a recent Lakers game, Lizzo got up and started dancing to her song “Juice” while wearing an outfit that just so happened to reveal her thong. The whole incident quickly turned into the twerk that launched a thousand tweets. Some people blasted her for showing what they decided was way too much skin. Even…

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How to Cure Butt Acne: A Complete Guide

Let’s just get straight to the point: Butt acne is real, and it’s not comfortable. Breakouts that occur on unlikely parts of your body can be especially distressing because we often have no idea how—or why—they got there. Technically called “folliculitis,” acne on your butt isn’t quite the same as the flare-ups that happen on…

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