Lizzo Welcomes You to Keep Talking About Her Butt

At a recent Lakers game, Lizzo got up and started dancing to her song “Juice” while wearing an outfit that just so happened to reveal her thong. The whole incident quickly turned into the twerk that launched a thousand tweets. Some people blasted her for showing what they decided was way too much skin. Even more people came to her defense, pointing out that the trolling is yet another example of society’s fat phobia.

But Lizzo being Lizzo, she hasn’t seemed too fazed by the discussion. She posted an Instagram video shortly after the incident reminding everyone that she doesn’t care about haters—”Bitch, you really think that because somebody on Twitter think that I’m not cute I’m gonna stop existing?”—and then, during a CBS This Morning appearance on Thursday, December 12, she doubled down on her message. “You know how long it took me to fall in love with this body?” she said. “My butt was my least favorite thing about myself, and I learned to love it and that was the thing everybody can’t stop talking about.”

This isn’t the first time Lizzo has addressed her trolls with the perfect response. When one mean tweeter wrote, “Bus passes and Happy Meals. Two things that I imagine #Lizzo has seen a lot,” the singer took it in stride, responding with, “Yeah, I’m a big bitch, and I ride a bus. A tour bus, motherfucker. Where’s yours?”

Lizzo attends a Lakers game.

Adam Pantozzi/Getty Images

She also gave a little more context to how the whole dancing incident happened in the first place—and shared that for the record that, yes, she did have “on layers down there, so it wasn’t just flesh to seats.”

“I think no one would have ever saw what I was wearing, like the back of it, if I didn’t get up and dance,” she said. “The Laker girls came up to me and said, ‘We’re so excited that you’re here, we want to perform one of your songs for you.’ And I remember I was sitting there and I was with my manager and my friend and they were like, ‘You should get up and dance, they’re doing this for you,’ and I was like, ‘Alright.’ ” She continued, “So I got up and just did what I always do. Anyone who knows me knows this is how I’ve always been, this is how I’ve always liked to dress.”

The recent Grammy-nominated artist’s final take on the whole thing was in line with her consistent message of positivity and self-love: “Be you. Do you. Don’t ever let anybody steal your joy, especially not the Internet.”

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