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Dua Lipa's 10 Best (and Worst) Songs of All Time

“No Goodbyes” is a pretty song, sure, but, again, I just have a hard time remembering it when Lipa has so many slammers in her catalog. [embedded content] 5. “Boys Will Be Boys” Like “Good in Bed,” “Boys Will Be Boys” is also jarring on Future Nostalgia —not for its sound but its sentiment. It’s…

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Lady Gaga's 10 Best (and Worst) Songs of All Time

“Do What U Want” is a complete misfire. The song’s creepy lyrical content, mixed with who’s featured on it, just makes it un-listenable. So much so that Gaga removed it from streaming platforms in January 2019 in light of the sexual misconduct allegations against R.Kelly and went on to say she regrets releasing the song.…

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The 5 Best (and Worst) Friends Episodes of All Time

Synopsis: Monica gets the wrong impression that Chandler is sexually attracted to sharks, so she picks up a documentary tape in order to seduce him. Why it’s garbage: It’s a silly, nonsensical—not to mention creepy—storyline between two intelligent adults. [embedded content] 3. “The One With the Race Car Bed” (season 3, episode 7) Synopsis: Monica…

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Britney Spears's 10 Best (and Worst) Songs of All Time

That same note applies to “It Should Be Easy,” which turns BritBrit into a robot and features an EDM breakdown that sounds dated upon delivery. [embedded content] 4. “Pretty Girls” (with Iggy Azalea) “Pretty Girls” is, sadly, just a lukewarm attempt at recreating Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea’s song “Problem.” Everything from the chanty, bratty…

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