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All the Secrets Behind Amy Adams' Hair in Sharp Objects

There’s a scene in the fifth episode of Sharp Objects before the population of Wind Gap, Missouri, celebrates Calhoun Day, a grotesque backyard gathering that honors the town’s Confederate history. Brittle reporter Camille Preaker—played by Amy Adams—is forced to go shopping for a dress by her zonk-eyed mother, a wonderfully over-the-top Patricia Clarkson. Most of…

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Shay Mitchell on the Secrets Behind Her Great Skin

Of all the batshit-crazy things on Pretty Little Liars that make no sense, there’s one above all that’s always bugged me: How can so many teen girls have such incredible skin? Like, is the water in Rosewood secretly filtered with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide? Is “A” rubbing down their faces with a makeup wipe…

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All the Secrets Behind the Hair in 'Dear White People' Season 2

Warning: This post contains spoilers. We’ve waited over a year, but Dear White People is finally back. The acclaimed film turned Netflix series centers around the lives of African-American students as they come face-to-face with microaggressions at the fictional predominately white, Ivy League Winchester University. Based on its popularity and scope of a “post-racial” America…

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