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How to Avoid Skin Irritation From a Face Mask Covering

As we enter this new normal, it means adjusting to changes in our daily routine, from working from home to meticulously planning our weekly grocery store trips. The newest adjustment has been wearing a face mask whenever you’re in public, following the CDC’s recommendation in order to flatten the curve. No matter if you’re a…

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Rihanna Says Fenty Skin Is Coming

When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty in 2017, it revolutionized the makeup industry based on one single premise: Give the people—all the people—products in shade ranges that work for them. And now that that’s finally becoming the norm, Rih has her sights set on doing the same thing for skin care. In her new interview with…

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The Cream Skin Routine Gave Me the Softest Skin of my Life

Lately my skin has been acting like my friend’s newborn: It’s agitated and clearly upset, but I still cannot figure out the source of its tantrum. This winter it’s played host to breakouts, a newly rough texture on my forehead, enough oil to resemble an environmental disaster, and dry patches anywhere that hasn’t yet been…

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Tatcha's Mystery Bag Promotion Is a Skin Care Lover's Dream

From self-cleaning towels to skin-tightening lasers, the beauty industry is constantly churning out innovative gadgets and treatments for a range of skin woes. And while it seems like a new launch pops up every other day, certain bestselling brands have no problem maintaining a spot on the totem pole of can’t-live-without-it-products, and Tatcha skin care…

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