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This Gel Manicure Trick Will Save Your Grown-Out Nails

In the grand scheme of things, worrying about a grown-out gel manicure is admittedly low on the priority list right now. But it’s an unexpected consequence of social distancing nonetheless. Now that numerous salons and spas are closed for the foreseeable future, women are left wondering how self-isolation will affect their usual beauty routines. This…

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Cloud Nails Are the Coolest New Nail Trend for Winter

Not to be all downer, but we’ve officially hit the doldrums of winter. The holidays are over, it’s still gray and freezing outside, he days are short, and spring feels a million years away. But the latest nail trend is here to brighten things up. This season it’s all about cloud nails. First spotted on…

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45 Best Holiday & Christmas Nails for 2019

Once Thanksgiving hits and the holidays roll around, the general messaging seems to be that more is more—but that’s not always true, especially when it comes to your nails. While the phrase “Christmas nails” may bring to mind sculpted Santas, over the top glitter, and red and green everything, there’s actually plenty of subtle options…

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Best Nail Art for Short Nails – 31 Designs for 2019

Despite having a saved folder on Instagram of elaborate manicures decorated with butterflies, cherubs, and bedazzled crosses, the closest I ever get with nail art is a single sticker. The issue isn’t my lack of skills—I know exactly what salon to go to instead of DIYing—it’s the fact that my nails are constantly a short,…

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