Best Nail Art for Short Nails – 31 Designs for 2019

Despite having a saved folder on Instagram of elaborate manicures decorated with butterflies, cherubs, and bedazzled crosses, the closest I ever get with nail art is a single sticker. The issue isn’t my lack of skills—I know exactly what salon to go to instead of DIYing—it’s the fact that my nails are constantly a short, jagged mess due to chronic nail biting. (Thanks, anxiety!)

For years, I’ve been unable to grow my nails longer than a couple millimeters past my fingertips, so I’ve always stuck to solid polish under the assumption nail art for short nails just wasn’t in the cards. But thankfully, the tides are turning, and for every over-the-top nail design I see on the ‘Gram, there’s an equally chic one that’s easy enough to do on tiny nails. In fact, nail artists like Betina Goldstein and Steph Stone almost exclusively showcase their minimal designs on shorter nails.

Whether you’re planning to DIY or bring a screenshot into the salon, these are the best nail art ideas for short nails. Biters, you’re welcome.

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