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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home

Step 5: Begin gently removing gel. Use your cuticle pusher to gently (key word: gently) scrape the gel off your nails. “If there’s any resistance, place your fingertips back into the acetone for another minute or two and then try again,” says Hanna. “Repeat this process until the gel is completely removed.” Step 6: Buff…

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This Gel Manicure Trick Will Save Your Grown-Out Nails

In the grand scheme of things, worrying about a grown-out gel manicure is admittedly low on the priority list right now. But it’s an unexpected consequence of social distancing nonetheless. Now that numerous salons and spas are closed for the foreseeable future, women are left wondering how self-isolation will affect their usual beauty routines. This…

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