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19 Best Heat Protectants for Hair Under $30

If any type of hot tool makes an appearance in your beauty routine, you’ll want to find the best heat protectant for hair to go along with it. Whether your styler of choice is a blow-dryer, straightener, thermal brush, or curling iron (or, a futuristic Dyson device that pairs several of these things together), your…

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'Get Out' Producer Is Catching Heat for Saying Women Don't Want to Direct Horror Movies

Jason Blum is a key figure in the horror movie business. He and his production company, Blumhouse, are responsible for some of the most popular (and critically acclaimed) scary flicks of the past few years, including Get Out, Paranormal Activity, and The Purge. His recent comments about female horror directors, however, aren’t receiving the same…

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11 Waterproof Mascaras That Won't Smudge in 90-Degree Heat

Ask any woman the three products she’d grab if her house were on fire, and mascara would most likely top the list. There are few things that deliver such instant satisfaction as longer, darker lashes. Finding the best mascara is easier said than done, though, especially where waterproof formulas are concerned. By nature, tough-acting, melt-proof…

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