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25 Amazing Winter Coats For Every Budget

As Rihanna has taught us, a truly good winter outfit is all about the coat. Chances are a majority of the people you run into on any given winter day will only see your outerwear, and it’s all they’ll really notice. But the reality is not all of us can pull off a couture YSL…

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Coach Sale: Best Boots, Bags, and Coats

January is a month for new beginnings, which happens to coincide with the annual Winter Outfit Slump, when, suddenly, the temperature drops and everything in your closet feels inadequate. Brands know this and time some of their most epic deals of the year to this moment. And if you’re looking to update those key cold-weather…

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We Should All Shop for Coats the Way Rihanna Does

When Rihanna steps out into the cold, she doesn’t throw on any old coat. She prefers outerwear that could double as a glamorous sleeping bag. Who cares if an oversized train drags behind her on the floor or that she’s so insulated she can’t lift her arms. She’s Rihanna—she has two back-ups in the car…

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Statement Cuff Coats Are 2018's Biggest Outerwear Trend

Buying a new coat is a big deal. Unlike T-shirts and sweaters, which are often replenished seasonally, a new piece of outerwear takes more consideration—and funds. It can be a major investment, but one that people insists checks out on the cost-per-wear meter: You’ll wear it every day throughout the winter, and will likely keep…

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